Below is a list of SMARTEST-related projects. Click on any of the project names to view a description of the project.

SMARTEST has been developed within the Research UK Global Challenges Research Funding project “EduHub” (2020-2021). We know that the transition to university education has always been difficult. To improve access to university education the 2019–2023 Uzbekistan development plan requires enhanced courses through innovative online resources. We will contribute to this initiative by offering a novel service - Digital Educational Hub, or EduHub. The platform provides an intuitive navigation through topics and related material. Our flexible software solution allows academics to build, and students to use, rich and structured transitional subject content.

We are currently running a pilot scheme with our colleagues at the Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT). This pilot scheme supports study for Basics of Quantitative Skills and English modules, and also for WIUT Lyceum, and several schools in Tashkent that are allocated to the WIUT.

EnAbled developed within the Quintin Hogg funded project (2017-2018) was the predecessor and was effectively a working prototype of SMARTEST. It provided the basic ideas for what SMARTEST is today.

STAR-GATE is a recently initiated project that started in February of 2021. It aims to conduct research a range of online learning platforms, including SMARTEST, to find out what strengths each of these platforms offer to help facilitate learning. By the end of the project, we hope to incorporate all of our findings into SMARTEST.

SMART-bridge-to-WEB also started in February 2021. It aims to offer an alternative to SMARTEST's current visual-based approach, by taking the information already stored in SMARTEST and outputting it in a more traditional layout that should be more attractive to wider audience.


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